8:30 am
    Registration and Breakfast

    9:00 am
    Welcome and Introductions

    9:10 am 
    Keynote Presentation 
    Geoff Colvin
    , Senior Editor-at-Large | Fortune Magazine
    Geoff Colvin is an award-winning thinker, author, broadcaster, and speaker on the most significant trends and issues impacting business and the economy. As Fortune magazine’s Senior Editor-at-Large, Geoff has an insider’s perspective fueled by longstanding relationships with the world’s top leaders in business and government. 

    10:30 am
    Panel Discussion

    Jason Marczak, Director, Latin America Economic Growth Initiative | Atlantic Council - Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

    Ross Denton, Baker McKenzie - London

    Raymundo Enriquez, Baker McKenzie - Mexico City

    Peter MacKay, Baker McKenzie - Toronto

    11:30 am


    Afternoon Panel Sessions (Attendees can register to attend one panel per timed session)

    Session 1: 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm
    Option A: What's Next for Global Commerce? Politics, Policy and the Road Ahead
    • Predictions on policy directives and key players in the next administration
    • Recent developments related to global growth markets
    • The road ahead for commercial opportunities in frontier markets, such as Cuba
    • New business opportunities and limitations for US multinationals in growth markets across the world

    Option B: Navigating the Latest Global Privacy Risks - Cross-Border Data Transfers, Breach Notification Duties and Increased Penalties  
    • Privacy governance and compliance -- an in-house perspective
    • Common privacy issues for global companies
    • Privacy Shield and EU data protection update (GDRP): What's next?

    Option C: Tax Planning and Corporate Governance*
    • Anticipating potential challenges by local tax authorities, regulatory and law changes, as well as scrutiny from stakeholders and the media
    • Organizing your planning on the front end through the effective project management to align tax directors and executives
    • Optimizing the executive phase--defining risk and responsibilities, conducting tax and corporate due diligence, and documenting cross-border transactions

    Session 2: 1:35 pm to 2:35 pm
    Option A: Brazil - Seizing Opportunities in Uncertain Times

    • Current legal and business environment and outlook
    • Key regulatory and investment trends
    • How to successfully deal with local governments
    • Top 5 common mistakes made by foreign companies

    Option B: Global Employment Compliance Risk Management - What Is or Should Be Keeping You Up At Night
    • Dodd-Frank and cross-border whistleblowers
    • Global codes and international hotlines
    • Global compacts
    • Shift from voluntary to regulated human rights
    • Global supply chains

    Option C: Trends in Financial Markets Enforcement
    • Enforcement trends in cases being brought by the SEC, CFTC, SROs, DOJ and US bank regulators
    • The recent rise of DOJ criminal actions in the financial industry, including "spoofing" and other illegal practices
    • Compliance steps to take in an effort to avoid a regulatory investigation
    • What to do when the regulator calls

    Session 3: 2:40 pm to 3:55 pm 
    Option A: Understanding Some Key Differences in Cross-Border Deal Terms

    • Purchase price adjustment mechanisms
    • Material adverse change
    • Disclosure regimes
    • Market indemnification terms

    Option B: Protecting Trade Secrets Globally
    • Federal claims and remedies under the newly enacted Defense of Trade Secret Act
    • Criminal prosecution strategies/cooperating with the government on claims under the Economic Espionage Act
    • The protection of US trade secrets before the International Trade Commission
    • Trade secret protection overseas
    • Best practices for preventing trade secret theft in the US and overseas

    Option C: Latest Tax Developments for Corporate Executives*
    • Up to the minute on inversions and intercompany debt agreements (including the impact of 385 regulations)
    • How will BEPS affect cross-boarder deals?
    • Tax issues in structuring and negotiating deals

    Session 4: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
    Option A: 10 Tips for Global Expansion 

    This panel will address the top-line hallmarks of success and common pitfalls to avoid, when entering new markets. Topics will include:
    • Buy, build or partner? 
    • Tax and people planning
    • Dispute resolution and risk management 
    • Local law analysis
    • Brand management and protection
    • Contractual enforceability matters

    Option B: Managing Disputes in a Flat World 
    • Advantages of company-wide--as opposed to local office--systems for handling disputes to best manage risk and resolve disputes more quickly and cost-effectively
    • Value of creating and distributing to all company in-house counsel proposed disputes clauses principles, model clauses and drafting notes
    • Best practices early case assessment (ECA), alternative disputes resolution (ADR), budgeting and coordination with outside counsel and collection and review of information for regulatory purposes

    Option C: Internet of Things - Privacy and Security Risks Abound
    • Data security risks associated with the growing connectivity of devices
    • Looming privacy issues with embedded systems (medical devices, automotive, wearables)
    • What challenges lie ahead for global companies in legal and regulatory compliance? 

    5:00 pm
    Networking Cocktail Reception 


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    Keynote Speaker


    Geoff Colvin

    Senior Editor-at-Large
    Fortune Magazine

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