What to Expect

From disruptive technologies to geopolitical turmoil, global companies have a vast array of issues to consider when expanding globally or managing their existing global footprint. This continuous era of change has led to the corporate legal department assuming a role not only as a legal advisor, but also as a protector of one of the company's most fragile assets – its reputation. As senior management continues to view the legal department as the organization's "moral compass," chief legal officers, general counsel and their teams are now faced with protecting the corporate reputation while managing constant innovation and heightened risk. 
At Doing Business Globally, you will hear from experienced business leaders, in-house counsel and Baker McKenzie practitioners, discussing the most prominent legal and operational challenges for global businesses, including:

• Regulation and risk management in a complex world
• Impact of innovation and new technologies on business models
• Workforce challenges and the diversity and inclusion imperative
• Evolving strategies for global expansion and investment

Conference Agenda

Time Session Title Location
12:30 pm Registration and Lunch

 Meydenbauer Center

1:00 pm Welcome Remarks
1:15 pm

Plenary Session: Guarding The Corporate Reputation and Creating Security In A New World Order

2:30 pm Breakout Panel Sessions (choose one panel per session) 

Session I: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm 
Session II: 3:40 pm to 4:40 pm 
Session III: 4:50 pm to 5:50 pm 

Note: There is a 10-minute break between each panel session.
6:00 pm Networking Reception




The plenary coincides with this year's theme, the evolving role of senior in-house legal teams as the "Guardian of the Corporate Reputation." The panel, comprised of general counsel and board directors, will aim to explain how legal departments are guiding their boards on key issues impacting the enterprise, including innovation, geopolitical developments and risk management.



Gloria Santona, Baker McKenzie - Chicago 

Former Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation. 


John Morrow, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, General Counsel and Secretary, Apptio
Keenan Conder, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Tableau Software
Liz Huebner, former Chief Financial Officer, Getty Images and former Audit Committee Chair,  Blucora



Session I   2:30 pm to 3:30 pm (Choose One Panel)

Option A: Top Trends in Cross-Border M&A

  • CFIUS reform and how it will affect companies doing cross-border deals
  • Strategies to consider based on trends in reps and warranties insurance
  • The rise of carve-out transactions and how this may impact your business strategy 

Option B: Global Trends and Best Practices in Privacy Compliance: GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act and more

  • GDPR – lessons learned, best practices and enforcement outlook
  • California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 – methods for compliance
  • Global Privacy Update – new privacy laws in India, Brazil and more

Session II   3:40 pm to 4:40 pm (Choose One Panel)

Option A: Anticipating Issues in Global Brand Expansion

  • Trade wars, changing tax laws and global political uncertainty – managing risk in global brand expansion
  • How to assess enterprise-wide risk in global brand expansion
  • Which mode of market entry makes the most sense from a risk management perspective?
  • E-commerce, privacy and data security – understanding new dimensions of country risk, including new regulations, cross-border contagion and political risk

Option B: Emerging Trends in Advancing Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Goals

  • Building a strong corporate culture that fosters diversity, professionalism and respect
  • Successful strategies employed by in-house legal departments to improve diversity in companies and law firms
  • Interactive discussion of emerging trends, including measuring the impact of diversity initiatives

Session III   4:50 pm to 5:50 pm (Choose One Panel)

Option A: Protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege in International Transactions, Investigations and Litigation

  • What are the inter-country differences in the attorney-client privilege?
  • Recent court decisions on waiver in the context of cross-border investigations and litigation
  • Best practices for mitigating the risk of waiver

Option B: Enterprise Risk Management and Your Global Supply Chain

  • The impact of recent trade developments on international supply chains and distribution arrangements, as well as possible mitigation strategies
  • Legal/ethical challenges related to supply chain arrangements